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Black Shitter. Flag

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Raise the banner for Blackshitter of Death with this official band flag! The flag features an outstanding design, born from the shades of black, silver, and blood red, which are the band's signature colors. Prominently at its center, the flag bears the intricately detailed logo of Blackshitter of Death, imbuing it with the raw energy and power that the band represents.

The flag is made from a high-quality, all-weather durable polyester, making it perfect for both indoor decor and outdoor rallies. Measuring approximately 3x5 feet, this flag is guaranteed to make a bold statement wherever it's flown.

Fans of the band will appreciate the edgy design, the striking logo, and the sheer audacity of the flag. It's the perfect merchandise for showcasing your love for heavy metal and Blackshitter of Death. Wave it high at the band's concerts, or hang it on your wall as a testament to your taste in classically aggressive and powerful metal sound.

Please note: This flag is officially licensed merchandise of Blackshitter of Death, ensuring that every purchase supports the band.